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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  February 11, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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ros: im brought seconds. lcome to "outside source." we again in new hampshire. bernie sanders is convincingly ahead and the post. joe biden isfo fighting foth place. there are doubts about his campaign long term. and we look at theon cirus situation, the world health organization is calling it a very grave threat. >> if this virus makes it to a weakened system, it will create -- ros: a new report following families fleeinghe fight. >> among them in the traffic heading north is this family. this is the biggest exodus since the war began. ros: sudan says it is going to hand over former predent or
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al-bashir to court, wanted on charges of war crimes. ♪ ros: joe biden has been the front runner to the be the democratic presidential nominee for a long while, but he is under severew pressure. mpshire is voting today, following on from iowa last week. it is not a question of whether biden can win, it is a que hion of wheth can avoid disaster. bernie sanders is expected to win. so joe biden is not sticking around, already heading to south carolina and looking ahead. >> looked, the rest of the nation is out there. there is enough, and we will see. i think we are going to do well in nevada and south carolina.
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we will go from there dress up -- we will go from there appeared ros: joe biden finished northern iowa. this is from january 20 eight, quinnipiac university. here he is leading the pack. then to monday, 17% with bernie sanders up to 25%. whatever reason, voters appear to be turning away from joe bin. have a look at this, one of the campaign ralliesen for mr. b in new hampshire, really not a packed room at all. compare that with bernie sanders, much larger space and a much larger crowd, as well. in all of these candidates will be up against donald trump in the end. supporters for mr. trump queuing for hours in the cold in order to see the president hold his own rally in new hampshire. well, let's y to find out what is going on. katty kayli i with us in new hampshire.
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help me out here. american politics, so how can he sit at the top of the polls for month after month and suddenly starts to go wrong? katty:si he waing at the top of the polls because he managed to persuade rs early on that he was the candidate who was most likely to be able to beat donald trump in november's general election. the problem is if your argument is i can win, then you have got to win, right? and he did not in iowa appeared ur came in , and that was damaging, and he is not going to win in new hampshire, which will also be damaging. voters are starting to think i'm a hold on a second, y're kind of old and debates have not gone that well and we arerv a little s the guy who wasfe looking supers no longer supersafe. i was talking to a senior official on the biden campaign last night at a bidenally, and he was making the point, look,
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we havete not really been t in the kinds of places that democrats will need to win to unseat donald trump. iowa, predominantly white. new hampshire, predominantly white. a big lk of e democrats' base is african-american and hispanic voters -- a big block of b thee. the campaign says you have to see us perform in a state like that vo know if we able and can take on donald trump. ros: thank you.not go anywhere o need to talk about michael bloomberg, billionaire businessman, as he wants to be president, too. despite not competing in new hampshire, he managed to win a constituency in new hampshire. you can see it just here, closeb to the canadiader. therey re ove residents in this town, and one, mr. bloomberg, was not on the ballot. the only person voting on the republic side the equation also went for mr. bloomberg,
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evenhough he does not. ledixv notch is just a curiosity, of course, same poll -- look at this. mike bloomberg coming up, 15%, and it is not a related to the over $300 million he has spent on his campaign. thats more than barack obama spentn his entire campaign in f012. a lot o that money is for tv ads like this one. >> the real state of the union, a nation divided by an out-of-control president. ros: let's bring in kattyca aga. someone be a contender without actually appearing very much at all? katty: it certainly looks like mike bloomberg is a conteer in this race, and he is hanging one until tuesday when big ates like new york, lifornia, texas will vote, and he is hoping, ok, i missed the early states and missed the
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scrutiny that comes with s those earltes, not come in late and having done a massive tv ad gncamp i sweep up delegates, and that catapults me into the front running that is his bet. what we were just talking about, the demise of joe biden. asid joe slips down as the kind of centrist candidate who has run things and has done things, who can be the person to takenald trump, bloomberg has been rising. interest income i spentlk the weekend g to top democrats in washington after the iowa caucuses, and for the first time really i was hearing them say, you know what, maybe our big hope is mike breomberg. they looking at the new o mpshire primary where bernie sanders is going very well. though centrist democrs are still concerned that bernie sanders is too left-wing and tho ty of americans, unelectable for november, so
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they're looking some or else, and where is that? increasingly, interesting, mike bloomberg. ros: and there is a difference betwten disst and more left-wing candidates. in terms ofolicy, what are the big differences between what bernie sanders offering and joe biden or mike bloomberg from the center? katty:e the single big differe in policies on health care. the big divide is between those candidates on the left, bernie sanders, who would like a national healthcare system a bit like the u.k. has, and those people like joe biden who say, no, we 've to fix amer's health care system but we do not want to take private health care options aw from americans. another thing bernie sanders would like to do, cancel all college debt for students, something you have not heard some of the more centrist candidates say. largely the differences are around economic issues. bernie sanrs, i haveo say, is the candidate with the momentum in new hampshire, the one turning out a lot of people. his energy and his campaign, it
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is a well-organizedampaign. the same question holds for him as itid four years ago, is he the person who can get enough moderate americans to vote for him, enough to beat donald trump? ros: as ever, thank you very much, indeed. she will be back with be on hundred days tomorrow. to the other main stories. a new name for the coronavirus the world health organization has officially named it covid-19 corona, virus, disease, and 19 because it started last year. it is a pressing concern as on monday, chhia suffered the est number of deaths in one day, 103 peopl died in hubei province alone. the overall death toll in china has now passed 1000. more than 40,000 people have been infected worldwide. if there is any encouraging news, it comes from the form of this graphic from chinese authorities, the rate of new
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infections is starting to fall and fell 20% d to day in the last 48 hours but the world health organization is concerned about this fire is continuing to spread into develong countries. here is the latest update from the director general of the who. >> this virus makes it to a weaker system, it will create havoc. to be honest, a virus is more powerful in creating political, economic, social upheaval than anything. ros: china is carrying out a range of measures to try and control this virus. some recent pictures. this is in wuhan, where the virus was first detected, t-rex firing disinfectant all over the streets -- trucks firing disinfectant a over the streets. weou know nds and thousands of patients requiring treatment in wuhan ane. believe it or not, this is also in hospital inat henrynts and staff have been dancing to
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try and boost around -in wuhan. from elsewhere, we have pictures of people being released from hospital because we are told f have recoverm the virus. those ambulances are taking them me. health officials in china are warning that rural areas do not have enoug equipment to be giving facemasks andedical supplies -- do not have an effect, and they are giving doctors facemasks and medical supplies so they are not infected themselves. there exerted on supply chain more on that issue. >>ho crucialage of beds and equipment. people have been sleeping in gymnasiums and the like, a they are setting up this kind of crude temporary hospitals to act as isolation words. yeah,e it is a pretty d situation in hubei province. but across china, its funny, you can see in detail out the
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window behind me, there is dy out on the streets i beijing either. in a funny way, it is the way the government would like it to be because by not having people gathering, by having so many people in this city worki from home, having staggered working arrangements so theyll are not piling into the underground train system at the same time, slooesn't seem to have down the spread of the virus -- it does seem to have slowed down the spread of the virus paired ros: not everye has gone. let's hear from doug perez, a mscience andh teacher from the u.s. who decided to stay with his chinese girlfriend and their dog. >> going out and doing basic stuff is kind of like a game of tetris. you really do have to stay six feet away from people. so whenur you walk outside, careful. you are cognizant of you do and eryone you interact with peer you have to wear gloves and masks.
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we mostly rely on deliveries for groceries. we have stocked up. still, we need fresh fruits and vegetables. sometimes you do have to make a grocery run, and that in itself poses tremendous risks. ros: chinese authorities have increasingly criticized for their handling of the crisis. you will recall the death of hose early warning in december were suppressed by the authorities,ea and the prompted widespread anger in china. authorities have sacked several senior officials over their handling of this crisis. let's get more on that part of the story. >> somebody had to take the fall because there has been a lot of criticism, especially in terms of dealing with the early follow-up of this emergency in the city of wuhan and the province of h so the communist party, the general secretary, and also the director of that province's
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local health commission, they have both been sacd. but we do not expect it to end there. ros: the chinese government is aware how closely its actions are being watched around tht world, and tde of the story, here is imogen fuchst the headquarters of the who in geneva. >> china is sensitive about criticism that it may not have told the trutht the beginning of this, that it may not be handling the virus well. taiwan is asking, as it always does when global health matters,, to be tated as its own entity, its own individual try, which of course it not recognized as such by the u.n. bodies. the who has said to pute olitics asd information will be shared with everybody. anybody who needs supportill get it, whether it is a hountry, publlth authority, specialist, we all need to work together.
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ros: this shows the nber of reported cases worldwide. aside from china, japan has -- japan, singapore, thailand, h south koreae the most cases. in japan, some cases reported cruise ship. it is in the port of yokohama, but it is quarantined and has 135 cases confirmed on board. another over 3500 passengers and cream, all of whom have to wait for at least two weeks to pass before they are allowed to t off -- 3500 passengers and crew. inhailand, passengers have been prevented from disembarking from a dutch cruise ship in bangkok. here it is. no confirmednfections on board. initially ibeen allowed entry into port. but after reaction to protests on social media in thailand, that decision was reversed. the ship is experiencing a saga because it has been turned away from ports in japan, taiwan, and the philippines already. for more on why the thai
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authorities are so concerned about this sp, our reporter from the bbc's thai service. >> it seems the thai authorities have changed their mind after an outcry on social media on monday. the big concern for authorities is this, they are afraid of a repetition of a situation in pethailand look what hd in japan now. if you look at the latest s,figu japan has the highest number of coronavirus infections after china. japan has about 161 so far as of today. 135 of them came from passengers aboard this cruise ship off the japanese coast. that ship and the ship that was supposed to be coming to thailand, they are owned by the me company, which is an ericanompany. ros: with american politics and coronavirus, we will turn to
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syria as government troops are forcing their way into areas of idlib, the lesst major par syria controlled by rebels. we have a special report on the families fleeing t war zone. ros: a hindu-nationalist has suffered one of its worst electoral defeats in a key regional assembly electial in the capelhi. voters act the liberal party. let's get more from delhi. >> the leader of india's commo man's party has called off a victory few in india have managed. overcoming the popularity of the bjp party for the second time in the assembly elections. seats many saw these is simply elections as a referendum on the
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governments's citizenship amendment act, which offers amnesty to illegal immigrants from some ighboring countries but not afghanistan. victory for the common m's partyot will have r five years running delhi. but a bruising loss for thejp the prime minister,beho hoped to elebrating today. bbc news, delhi. ♪ ros: we are here in the bbc news room lead story is that the calling the coronavirus a very grave threat. more than 1000 people have now been killed by it. some of the main stories from world service. poce in northern ireland investigating a murder of a journalist, and they have arrested four men detained under the terrorism act. she was 29 whedeshe was shot while observing riots last year. the new ira group has --
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responsibility. it is suggested part of the amazonfo raist is emitting more carbon dioxide than before scientists from the research institutes a part of the total area, appears to be no longer able to store co2. e bbc has announced that it will broadcast a documentary seri about a teenage cmate activist, greta thunberg in, and the show will follow her international crusade to demand more climate change and focus on her journey into adulthood. sera because the army is taking highway which runs between damascus and aleppo. that has not been the case since e syrialy stages of conflict way back at the start of the last decade. this is why it matters. here is idlib in the northwest of syria, the lasttronghold for the rebels in the country, and several key rebel held towns
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are linked by these two crucial motorways. this is the m5, and this is the m4t motorway, and i runs through a number of towns. these are strategically vital roads to all sides, including the goverent, the rebels, turkey, and russia. russiaus, it is relevant be it backs the government and controls province.pace in idlib turkey, much closer to syria, of course, it has supported the rebels against the government and has don f several years, but recently it has been trying to stop the syrian government into idlib, and it is concerned the fighting will drive thousands of refugees north across the border and into turkey. but the turkish efforts are not going well. syrian forces continue their offensive, mainly because they have russian support. quinton sommerville has the report on the situation. >> theong and winding death of
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rebel held idlib is quickening. another 0,000 people fleeing. among them in the traffic heading nor, the fratri family. this is the biggest exodus since serious war began. hindlimb is more than what lies ahead. so they have packed up everything they can carry, and they will li never be back. >> we are leaving our house because of the army. army executes those who stay here. >> mohammed says he wants to become a fighter. the regime of infi>>ls, he says. the soldiers of the army will usslaughter us if they fin here. we believe our home and flee to any ar. >> bashar al-assad's forces aree ing at their heels. airstrikes and artillery are
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redrawing the landscape here is the regime captures more and more territory. the world has stopped counting syr's dead, but in idlib, they don't have that ly. in the blanket, the child corpse of another victim. here, they knew the regime warplanes were coming andan for cover, but their homes gave them little protection. iannot recognize them, my father or my brother? i don't know, he says. this is our fate, we, the syrian people. the turkish backed rebels and extremists are losing idlib, but toy they had a small victory, the downing of a hicopter. the helicopter behind me belongs to the regime, he says in turkish. it was dropping barrel bombs on
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innocent civilians, women and children. --ng returni regime army soldiers back at their village, they fou g theve of a rebel commander. throw that away, he will remain unknown, he says as they desecrate the site. the living here are running out ahmed has just been dug out of the rubble. syrian jets attacked a market in idlib city, and 17 people died. the pleasor cease fire, some rest bite --ome respite. in a nearby, b a child screams with shrapnel wounds. she and ahmed will recover, but thenhat?
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they will likely end up here, joining many other children, clinging on to the sprawling counts of the coury's edge with turkey, a place where people are corralled and forgotn. once again, idlib is asking for help,ld but the w has left and syria behind. bbc news. ros: sudan has indicated it is willing to hand over former president omarl-bashir to the international criminal court, a huge moment that ha by the icc years. here is the announcement that was made. >> we have agreed on the appearance of those who face arrest warrants before the international criminal court. i am saying this very clearly, we cannot achieve justice unless we heal the wound using justice itse. we cannot run away from facing those with committed -- who have committed crimes against humanity and war crimes, against
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innocent people in darfur and in other places. ros: omar al-bashir is chief on e list of those charged by the icc, wanted in connection with his role in the conflict duff or in the west of sudan. the u.n. says around 300 thousand people werhakilled during conflict. the allegation is that the presidt is responsible for some of these deaths, something he denies. he was driven from power last year, and his ability to avoid these charges has diminished. let's get more. >> it is a huge development for sudan and the people of darfur. the announcement was made in the morning by the spokesperson of the transmission will- transitional military council currently running sudan. he was in jubar when hthe mad announcement, saying they reached agreement bed they would handing over omar al-bashir to the international criminal court. it is been a long time coming.
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omar al-bashir was indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity, including jenna five -- genocide in the air for crimes between 2003 and around 2010 -- genocide in darfur. there were two arrest warrants by the international criminal court against him, but they were largely ignored. he continued to travel in countries that are numbers of -- and countries that are members of the icc did not hand him over. in some cases, the governments were taken to local courts in their countries, but still, until n, there has not been any willingness to hand him over to the icc. that is why this is a major development. ros: that is the end of this edition of "outside source." anyou very much for watching. ♪ made possible by...
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